The Washington Post reports today that fewer people are willing to move for jobs.  Why?  The two main factors are people saddled with mortgages and unable to sell their homes in a bad real estate market — or they would take a huge loss even if they could sell it.  And secondly, concern about leaving the existing job they have for new one, which if it doesn’t work out will have them joining the growing list of unemployed.  Nearly half of the country’s 14.6 million jobless workers have been unemployed for longer than six months.

As a result, this poor economy has certain brought worker mobility nearly to a grounding halt over the past two years.  Assistant Treasury Secretary Alan Krueger noted in the article that “…in the past, people tended to move to where the jobs are. Now it is necessary to have more of a strategy to move the jobs — and create new jobs — in areas where the people are…” Officially only 1.6 % of Americans moved between states in a one-year period that ended in March 2009 — a labor stagnation which we have not seen in half a century.

I see it in many potential job candidates, people who are locked into homes by underwater mortgages. The biggest factor seems to be the large number of unemployed homeowners who have little or no home equity.

The concern about switching jobs is understandable.  But if you look at company like ours, Names & Numbers is an established publisher entering its 36th year, has reached over $50 million in revenue, and publishes in 11 states, and WE ARE STILL GROWING.  

That said, we do have well paying Account Executive sales positions at Names & Numbers.  For these positions, we typically look for 2+ years of recent outside B2B sales experience.  This is a position which requires someone with new business “hunter” background, someone who has a track record of meeting and exceeding new business quotas, enjoys the challenge of cold calling, has dealt with value/price objections, and has experienced a commission only environment.   If that sounds like you, typical first year earnings should be $65k at plan, but there is no cap on the commissions you can earn.

We are looking for reps in Springfield, MO; Lubbock, TX; Santa Fe, NM; and College Station/Killen/Temple, TX.  If interested, send me a resume at